Does Your Shopify Store Get Less Than 35,376k Hits Each Month? You Urgently Need To See This

​The traffic strategy your competitors don't want you to discover

4 years ago I found myself with a major problem.

I had a great product which people loved, but despite my best efforts I  just couldn't  get a buzz going. No matter what I did I couldn't seem to tap into a consistent flow of traffic - the cash spending kind.

Sure! I wasted time spent hours on social media, wasting time gawking enviously at the lives of others.

Facebook ads where apparently creating millionaires in a weekend, so of course I dabelled (losing a small fortune along the way).

And I'm slightly ashamed to admit the of amount of time I spent trawling Shopify groups mining for that one tiny (free) nugget of information that was going to make my store take off.

Stuck at less than 20 web visits per day and ready to quit? I was too until... 

 One day I stumbled across a thread - in a Shopify forum, funnily enough - all about content marketing.

The thread was full of examples of big and small brands using strategically optimised content to get Google to show them love, and send bundles of free traffic.


Sick and tired of wasting hours on Instagram and throwing money at Facebook, I was ready to try another approach––so my interest was immediately piqued.

And the best part was, far from being some new fandangled marketing tactic that was having a hot moment.

From what I could see, this strategy they were calling 'content marketing' was just a fancy new name for something I'd be doing for years: Blogging. 

Turns out I was hustling backwards for years, & you probably are too!

Now, before I share with you what I've since learnt about the dark art of content marketing, aka blogging for profit, let's get crystal clear about something.

If you can't identify a repeatable, consistent, scaleable source of traffic to your online store, you will go out of business.

And I hope for you, that's sooner rather than later. 

The thing is, there are many ways to drive traffic to your online boutique. 

++ You can become a social media expert and get your instagram poppin'!  

But this takes time, and let's not forget that you can wake up one morning and find your Instagram account deleted.

As many brands with have discovered, you don't own instagram. And good luck with getting any support to get your account reinstated!

++ You can work with influencers sending out tons of free product and paying small fortunes for photoshoots. Then PRAY it works.

++ You can decide to become a Facebook and Instagram advertising pro, and be prepared to lose money until you work it out. Because that's the reality of paid traffic. Facts!

          But if you're like me, and you need to find a            source of traffic that:

  1. Has a long life span. i.e this content drives traffic for weeks and months, heck even years after it's published
  2. Doesn't cost a fortune or, rely on others to make it happen!
  3. Increases in value and profit over time, rather than decreases

Then I think you'll be excited to know this is an option. And you'll be interested to learn what I discovered after diving deep into the world of content marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation). 

After 16 Months Down the Blogging Rabbit Hole.... Here's What I Found out...

There's a 'right way' and a 'broke way' to approach  blogging. 

The broke way just creates content because it seems like a good idea and everyone and their mama is doing it.

The right way, the P.R.O.F.I.T.A.B.L.E way, creates content for an existing audience (killer content) Then...

Search engine optimises (SEO) and promotes the living daylights of out of that content (ethically, of course) so that Google gets wind of how great and relevant this post is for a specific keyword search, and starts naturally suggesting that post in it's search results.

I know I'm making it sound unrealistically simple!

But the reality is, this traffic generation strategy is actually fairly simple.

*Notice how I didn't say it was easy*

Because as you'll discover it's actually based on common sense and logic (which for me, at least made this strategy much easier to stick to)

NEW!! Introducing Blog Your Brand: SEO and Content Marketing Training For New Shopify Store Owners

It took some trial and error, but now I finally understand how to create content that Google loves, I kick myself that I didn't learn this stuff sooner, because this one strategy has been such game a game changer.

I mean, imagine: how would your business grow if you knew how to send thousands and thousands of fresh eyes to your website each month?

Discover How to Blog You Brand (to the bank)

New Training! 5 In-depth Modules, Helpful Videos, & Actionable Tasks

Hi, I'm Stacey Brazen, and Blog Your Brand exists because I wanted to find a scalable way to show others what I've learned about using blogging to become a traffic generating machine.  

BYB condenses the content marketing skills I've mastered over several years, into a highly actionable course you can start taking advantage of straight away. 

And because it's a self study training you'll probably be shocked at just how affordable it is.

If learning how to use your blog to grow your traffic to your online boutique, so you can increase your income really doesn't interest you, I understand if you stop reading now. But if it does, keep reading.

What Will Blog Your Brand Teach You?

#1 How to Zero In On Your Cashing Spending Customer & Profitable (SEO) Keywords

Packed with detailed how-to videos this is one of the most dense chapters as you'll lay the foundation your strategic SEO blogging strategy. You'll also uncover how search engines work, and the secret to deciding which keywords you want to rank for.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Quick ways to find your ideal customer
  • How to find your perfect keywords easily
  • How to brainstorm viral content ideas
  • + much, much more

#2 How to Create Content Google Loves to Share With Cash Spending Customers

Creating the sort of content that ranks highly in Google and naturally attracts the right type of reader/customer doesn't happen by accident, it's an art form. This chapter shows you how to create content that ranks well and gets lots of social media shares.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The importance of evergreen, core content
  • The anatomy of the perfect blog post
  •  Image creation & copywriting tips that make your content bounce off the page

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#3 How to Give Your Content Clout Using Social Media (so you actually get some reach)

Now you know how to create SEO content that Google loves, it's time to discover different free or low cost methods you can use to promote and market your content, so it reaches as many people as possible. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to use Instagram to drive traffic to your content
  • How to use Pinterest as a traffic machine
  • How to use Email marketing to build trust and generate sales

#4 How to Ramp up Your Revenue & Easily Increase your Streams of Income

In this module you'll learn how to set your blog up to generate sales of products you don't own. This way you can easily increase your revenue -- without increasing your workload. Perfect!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to use increase your income with blogging
  • How to get started with affiliate marketing
  • How to use Amazon & Shareasale to make more money every month

#5 How to  Use Google Analytics to make bank & Convert Traffic Into Paying Customers

Tracking and monitoring your marketing campaigns is essential if you want to know what's working (& what's not) so you can improve your results. You also need to have a strategic plan for how you will move traffic from your blog over to your online boutique, so they can buy your products.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to Install Google Analytics, which metrics to track and why
  • How to create an internal linking and link tracking strategy
  • How to turn blog readers into customers 

Kaila Took Blog Your Brand & She Had This To Say

5 Life Altering Ways This Information Will Help You Grow Your Brand

  • This is you: Excited and enthusiastic about promoting and marketing your brand, because you have a system that doesn't feel salesy and sleazy
  • This is you: reaching the people who want and need what you sell the most, so they can improve their lifestyle, health and happiness
  • This is you: Driving traffic to your online store at all hours of  the night and day without spending all your profit on paid traffic each month
  • This is you: Enjoying more free time with your family and friends because you have an repetitive and consistent form of traffic, and a consistent stream of online sales
  • This is you: Creating and promoting content assets that will make you sales and grow in value for years to come

I'm so confident about the quality of this training that I want to remove all the risk from you when you make the decision to take Blog your Brand.

That's why if you decide to invest in this programme and you feel that you learned nothing new, or just think the course is trash! Contact me within 7 days of purchase for a FULL no drama refund.

Learn How to Quickly & Easily Blog Your Brand [in 5 chapters] 

Contact me within 7 days of your purchase to receive a drama free refund. All sales after this time are final.

one time special launch price available today


The course was amazing and so helpful and definitely something I need go through it again so I can dive deeper into it and really put things to practice! it was so informative for me as a newbie


Kaila Wilkie



I found it best to try and get the action tasks down as I worked through each chapter. The free workbooks were really handy and helped to stay organised and focused


Tobi Theil

Founder of Stiki


 After taking this course I can't believe how much time I've wasted blogging. Not anymore! I'm not writing another post unless its primed to rank in search & bring me sales. Thank you!


Candi Ocana

Stylist & store owner


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