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The Online Boutique Owners Guide To SEO, Blogging & Free Traffic


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With thousands of new online boutiques being launched every day, it's fair to say there are going to be winners and losers. 

The crazy thing... is the success of your brand isn't solely determined on having great products and a killer website.  In fact...

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... there's a much bigger component of success?

And that is learning how to: create a sustainable, scalable, repeatable source of HIGHLY TARGETED visitors (traffic) to your online boutique every single day.

If you still don't have that steady flow of traffic coming to your website every single day, then you're exactly who I created the Blog Your Brand strategy report for.

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Here's What You'll Discover When you Ac​​​cess The Blog Your Brand Strategic Report Today...

  • Chapter #1 The big traffic problem (every online business owner faces)

In this opening chapter we explore the one problem every single online business owner (you included) will face if you want to build a thriving profitable business. It's probably a bit more complicated that you think.

  • Chapter #2 Social media vs Search engine optimisation (SEO)

In this chapter you'll learn the MAIN difference between social media traffic and SEO traffic, alongside the pros and cons. You'll also discover why I personally choose SEO over social media. 

This is not to convince you it's the right approach for you! But so that you understand the options available to you and can make an educated choice about what's best for you!

In fact, I'm hoping you'll be able to easily make the connection between how powerful it is to work these two strategies in tandem.

  • Chapter #3 The power of content marketing (and why blogging is still powerful in 2019)

In this chapter you'll learn the 3 main reasons content marketing and blogging is such a powerful strategy for generating traffic so you can grow your business. Many people who have bought this report tell me they never even considered these realities.

  • Chapter #4 The blog your brand strategy revealed (& why people aren't buying from you)

In this chapter you'll learn the philosophy behind the BYB strategy. You'll also discover the main reason your the underdog in your niche, and the main reason your ideal customer doesn't buy from you. Next, we'll look at how to change that!

  • Chapter #5 How the BYB strategy works ( and how to make it work for you)

In this chapter I break down the basic steps of the Blog your Brand strategy.

Now, as this is a report, understandably it would be impossible for me to detail 'how' exactly each of these steps are done, but what you will learn is what those steps are. 

And, even if you don't decide to go any further with my programme, with a research and focus, you'll definitely be able to work these steps out for yourself.

  • Chapter #6 How I use the BYB strategy to drive traffic (& rank for buyer intent keywords)

In this chapter I share how I practically apply the Blog your brand strategy to my own business.

You'll find this chapter helpful as it will give context to each of the steps, and help you begin to visualise how you can apply this process to your own brand.

  • Chapter #7 My own business data and traffic revealed (never before seen)

In this chapter I share screenshots from the two blogs I have which send traffic to my online store. You'll also see proof of how I use blogging to build my mailing list each day. 

  • Chapter #8 Who the BYB strategy works for (so you can decide if it's for you)

The truth is, it's not the right approach for everyone. But if you relate to the character traits I highlight in this chapter, then the chances are, learning how to blog your brand will work great for you.

  • Chapter #9 Things to consider before you commit to the BYB strategy (don't skip this!)

This chapter is important, as you'll learn the things you need to think about before you decide whether blogging and content marketing is suited to your lifestyle and personal situation. 

Revealed: The Secret to Blogging For Traffic & Sales (Your Competitors Don't Want You to Know...)

There's are 42492342 blogs available on the internet that get no traffic, even though they have fantastic content. 

I used to have a blog just like that!

Then I discovered there was a right way and broke way to blog. And in this report you discover the skills and tools I learnt (through trial and error) that turned my 'dead' blog, into a traffic generation machine for my online boutique.  

Turns Out it's Not Rocket Science! Which Means if I Can do it, Guess What...You can too...

Hi, I'm Stacey Brazen.

I run a  lifestyle brand targeted at health conscious women who love plant based, cruelty free skincare.

As a boutique owner an ecommerce expert and work with aspiring & existing boutique owners to brand, build, and launch quality, credible, brands with hoards of raving loyal customers.

I created this report because I know not everyone will have the desire or the resources to get access to my premium blogging training course: Blog your Brand Pro: SEO & content marketing for boutique owners.

The great thing is, when you access this low-cost, high value in depth report today, you'll have an insight into what I did to create a sustainable, scalable, repeatable source of traffic to my boutique. And the same long-term traffic generation strategy I share with my 1-2-1 clients.

The best part is, it's a lot simpler than you think.

No! It's not going to be easy. And yes! It will take time and patience.

But... when you see the amount of traffic I've been able to get in a very niche space (and I'm only just getting started) I think you'll quickly and easily see just how powerful this strategy can be for you too.

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one time special launch price available today


The course was amazing and so helpful and definitely something I need go through it again so I can dive deeper into it and really put things to practice! it was so informative for me as a newbie


Kaila Wilkie



I found it best to try and get the action tasks down as I worked through each chapter. The free workbooks were really handy and helped to stay organised and focused


Tobi Theil

Founder of Stiki


 After taking this course I can't believe how much time I've wasted blogging. Not anymore! I'm not writing another post unless its primed to rank in search & bring me sales. Thank you!


Candi Ocana

Stylist & store owner

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