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Finally Turn Your Ecommerce Website Into a Sales Machine 



Plan Your website

Follow the checklists and use them to build a website designed to make maximum sales from the day you launch.

Increase Trust

Learn what you need to include on your website to attract your ideal customer so they feel safe to buy from your brand.

Optimise For Sales

Figure out why visitors are coming to your website and not buying, then know how to fix it quickly, easily and cheaply.

Save & Make Money

Learn what all the popular, profitable websites have in common, so you can make sure your website is up to scratch

The good news is, it's entirely possible to build a website for your brand in just a few days.

The bad news is, if you've never built an ecommerce website before you won't know everything you must include so that your ideal customer can find you, and feel comfortable to buy from you.

That's why the checklists are so helpful. They give you a step-by-step process you can follow to optimise your website for maximum sales.


  • Website user experience checklist: Learn how to see your website through your customers eyes so you can make the right changes.
  • Customer trust checklist: Learn what signals your website needs to send so your customer feels safe spending money with you
  • Product page checklist: Discover how to setup your product pages in a way that shoppers & search engines loves.
  • Cart check-out checklist: Make sure your cart checkout page is as friction free and easy to go through as possible
  • Social media & search engine checklist: Discover how to get more organic traffic with search engines and from social media

Whether you're planning to launch, or you're already launched but not making sales, these checklists will help you diagnose the problems with your website.

If you were to hire me to do this it would cost $175 (and it would be worth it). 

The checklists mean you don't need to hire me. Simply click give me access, download the checklists and use them to audit your website today.

I'm 100% sure you'll find problems you didn't even know you had, and fixing them will cost you time, money and credibility.

No More Guesswork. Discover Why Your Website is Leaking Money & Fix it. Fast! 


If you're reading this you probably know you need a tool like this, but maybe you're procrastinating or nickelling and diming yourself over the cost (even though it's minimal).


Here's the thing, if you build your website according to these checklists, you'll save money.

And if you use these checklists to fix your website you'll make money. With just one sale this tool will pay for itself.

  1. 1
    No more confusion: If your website is live and your driving traffic and not making sales you have a problem. The checklists help you find that problem so you can fix it.
  2. 2
    No more procrastination: time is money and if you're just sitting around waiting for answers, newsflash, this is it! Fix the money leaks in your websites today.
  3. 3
    No more excuses: It's entirely possible to build a website which earns 6 figures a year and gives you and your family financial freedom. But you have to start somewhere, you ready?

Stop Sending Good Traffic to a Bad Website

Learn how to transform your website into sales machine that makes you money while you sleep (without spending a fortune on a web designer!)


Not everyone who will take action - even though they know the checklists are exactly what they need. That's why I want to reward those ready to invest in their dreams & make progress, instead of procrastinating. 

  That's why you'll also get:  BONUS #1

  5 Short Online Boutique Launch Workshop Videos Designed to Teach You:
  • How to identify your ideal customer (essential if you want to make daily sales)
  • How social media, list building and pre-selling improves sales (especially if you're not paying for ads)
  • How web design and branding improve conversions (and how to do it without spending $$$$$)
  • How SEO, trust building and saving sales (Enjoy free traffic from Google each and every day!)
  • How to use sales funnels, content creation and conversion rate optimisation (to sell more product)

  Getting ready to launch? These videos go even deeper and will make sure your online boutique is optimised is the most functional and trustworthy it can be.

  Already launched? The checklists and videos will remove the question: Why is my website not converting? So you can identify the problem areas, fix them, and start making more sales every day.

Focus Day Planner: BONUS #2

Depending on how much the checklists reveal you need to do on your website, you need to manage your time wisely. Scratch that, if you want to be successful with ecommerce you need to manage your time wisely. 

That's why I've included the day planner. You get 7-days worth of planning sheets that will help you map out your activities hour-by-hour, and identify your most cash generating tasks. I've been using this in my business for years!


6 CONVERSION Checklists

6 detailed in-depth website audit checklists. Get your website checkout ringing and boost your sales (finally!)

5 Launch Workshops

Delve deeper into simple ,low-cost marketing tactics you can use to increase trust, drive traffic, and improve sales starting today

Focus Planner

Download and print the day planner. Use the planner to help you schedule your day, cash generating tasks, and self care. Use this daily!

 Fashion Wholesalers 

Access a list of 13 vetted quality wholesale vendors selling womens boho, chic, club, plus sizes fashion. This is a teaser - there's more!

Click Yes! Give me Access to get access to the checklists, workshops and planner, then fix the problems you find. 

I guarantee you'll find each of these checklists will highlight glaring functionality and credibility issues you were not aware of, which have been costing you money ever since the day you launched.

Turn your website into a conversion machine with a few simple fixes

What other boutique owners are saying

The launch code DIY planner

"I had no idea my website had so many issues"

Honestly, we were shocked . We knew something wasn't connecting with our website visitors but we didn't no what. Working through the changes and already doing better.

Asia. R  // Blogger and boutique owner

"This was so helpful"

I used these checklists to build my website myself, saving me about $1000 on a web designer. I used a free Shopify template and these checklists and my website looks great and people are buying.

Marla. T  //  Reveal Store

STACEY BRAZEN  //  Ecom business owner & launch coach

From idea-to-income, I help bold, ambitious women create profitable ecommerce businesses they're proud of. We go hard.


These are the same systems and tools my clients use to build sustainable, credible, profitable brands. 

Now you can access them too!

Stacey Brazen


"I've needed something like this for 2 years"

For the last 2 years I've only made like 3-4 sales per week. Within 6 weeks of making all the changes this has now doubled.

Leigh-ann  //  Flook The Label

"Totally worth the money. Better than expected"

I found I had already done most of the things mentioned, but there were 4 main changes I didn't even think about. I got my bf to do the techy stuff. Now my checkout is easier to use, more people use it and I make more money

Marie  //  Pattern and fabric seller


Download the checklist. Watch the workshops. Use the planner. The analyse your results. If your bounce rate doesn't go down, page view go ups, and your sales increase? Then the problem isn't your website, it's your products (just sayin'!)

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Get The 6 Checklists + 77 Wholesale Vendor Bundle

Ready to flex your new buying and pricing skills but still finding it hard to find stylish modern wholesale vendor with low minimum order quantities.  

When you get The Profit Plan today you'll also get access to a cherry picked list of fashion wholesale vendors (including plus size!)included as a bonus


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find this system and calculators helpful, let us know within 72hrs of purchase for a full refund. After that time all sales are final 

Stacey Brazen

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