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Review Your Website & Discover What's Scaring Your customers Away With These 6 Checklists

Here's what's included when you get your Online Boutique {pro-pack} today

#1 Website user experience

Learn how to see your website through your customers eyes so you can make the right changes.

#2 Customer Trust

Learn what signals your website needs to send so your customer feels safe spending money with you

#3 Product page 

Discover how to set up your product pages in a desirable way that shoppers love.

#4 Cart check-out process

Make sure your cart checkout page is as friction free and easy to go through as possible. 

#5 Social media & search engines

Discover simple tweaks to get more organic traffic with search engines and from social media

#6 Customer service

Learn customer service strategies that turn customers into loyal fans who buy with you again and again and tell their friends.

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Facebook targeting cheatsheet. The only people who are successful  with paid Facebook ads as those who understand how to identify then target their audience. This worksheet makes sure you are one of them.

Digital day planner. Every successful business knows the importance of planning in their most profit generating activities first each day. When you purchase the online boutique checklist series today, you'll also get access to one of the best premium digital day planners on the market. 

Just wish I'd done this much MUCH sooner

So many great insights into how to optimise my store. The great thing was many of the tweaks were pretty simple and easy for me to do myself.

Kleya Escaforte - RabbitWest

It's amazing what the experts see, which you totally can't

Stacey's checklists were such and eye opener for me. I made a few simple tweaks to my store and saw the time on page improve and I also made more sales that in the last 60 days.

Clari -

Let's recap everything you'll get 

When you buy your online boutique checklist pro-pack today. You'll get access to 6 detailed online boutique checklists, plus get a Facebook targeting cheatsheet and digital day planner.

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You got Q's well I've got As'....

What if my store isn't live yet?

What if my store isn't live yet?

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