How To Price Your Products For Profit

The Wholesale Markup Formula All Rich Online Boutique Owners Know



Stop Guessing. Start Selling.

The BPL markup formula and 2 pre-made Cost of Good calculators help you price your inventory (profitably) in seconds.

Leverage Location

Understand the pros and cons of buying from domestic and international vendors. Learn what to ask them and why, so you get the best price (not ripped off)

Smarter Inventory Choices

Discover a product selection system so you always have enough inventory on hand, but never so much it's scary. 

Better Buying Cycles

Learn what buying cycles are, why they're important, and how to create a buying cycle that's profitable for your brand.

The Profit Plan removes the confusion and anxiety of pricing your products, as you learn a scalable system that makes sure your boutique is profitable from day one, all year round. Yes! Even when running your biggest sale.


Forget doing complicated math in your head. Simply use either of your 2 pre-made calculators to see the exact cost of goods and profit from every single product in your store. That's the practical part out of the way.

The Profit Plan goes a step further, as you also learn how work with domestic and international wholesale vendors. What to ask each vendor to make sure you get the best deal (not ripped off!) and, how much inventory to buy so you've always got stock, but are never drowning in it.


If you don't make enough revenue your business will soon becomes an expensive hobby. That's why It's never too late (or too early) to establish and execute a profit plan based on your revenue goals for your online boutique.

If you don't fall into any of these 3 categories the profit plan won't help you. But! If you do? You're exactly who needs to get their hands on this information and these tools (sooner rather than later!) The Profit Plan will be perfect for you if:

  1. 1
    You're preparing to launch. Your still unsure what inventory, and how much of it to buy. You want to be affordable, while making enough profit to overtake your salary.  You don't know how much to spend or the best buying cycles. You don't have the numbers worked out
  2. 2
    Your boutique just launched. You've already launched and sales are up and down, mainly down. Your inventory is aging, everyone's seen everything and they're still not buying. You don't have the numbers or the cycles worked out.
  3. 3
    Your boutique is barely making a profit. You're working hard and making regular sales, but you regret your low-cost positioning. You want to raise your product, prices and profit. Immediately. You don't have the positioning, cycles or numbers worked out.

Learn How To Price Your Products The Right Way!

Get the workbook, the workshop, calculators, and list of fashion wholesalers when you buy The Profit Plan today. You're fully protected by our 100% money back guarantee.


Profit Plan Workbook

26 page workbook. Plan your budget, inventory, and  learn how to markup your products profitably every single time.

Profit Plan Workshop

Watch this value packed workshop for even deeper insights on pricing, also see how to  use the calculators live. Very important.

Profit Plan Calculators

Download your pre-made calculators, insert your figures and get your exact cost of goods, retail price and profit in seconds. Save hours of time and stress & make more money.

Bonus! Fashion Vendor List

Access a great list of vetted quality US based fashion wholesale vendors selling womens boho, chic, club, plus sizes fashion + much much more.

The Profit Plan shows you a markup formula that what will make sure your boutique is affordable but also profitable. In large part this is down to how you source, select, then price your inventory. The Profit Plan will teach you how to do each of those things in a strategic way.

If you want to build a thriving business, can you afford not to have a Profit Plan?

Increase Revenue.  Decrease Stress.

If you're Amazon or Zappos you can afford to cut your profit to the bone, because you have the benefit of sales. Lots and lots of sales. Morning, noon and night.

 Small business owners don't have that problem (yet) so you need to price products in a way that's attractive to your customer (and your bank balance!)


The Profit Plan is a smart way of buy your inventory and price your products that makes sure you make profit on every product you sell `(even when running a site wide sale). It takes away the guesswork and sets a standard for your brand.

What other boutique owners are saying

"I still can't believe people I did it"

Like seriously I created something out of nothing. And with little money. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ." (Update she's stocked in West Elm late ''19, and featured by in June 2020)"

Aycee Brown  //  Goodnightdarling

"The calculators make everything really easy"

 The calculators make everything really easy,  but the video made it easy to understand, I'm glad this was included. Nearly all of my products have been repriced after using this system.

Kayla. M  //  Blogger & boutique owner

STACEY BRAZEN  //  Ecom business owner & launch coach

From idea-to-income, I help bold, ambitious women create profitable ecommerce businesses they're proud of. We go hard.


These are the same systems and tools my clients use to build sustainable, credible, profitable brands. 

Now you can access them too!

Stacey Brazen

What Will You Say About The Profit Plan?

"I don't know what I was thinking before"

My store is live and making sales and I'm charging (and getting) a much better price than I expected. Before learning your markup system I was all over the place when it comes to pricing. 

Ashleigh  //  Live Boheme

"It was scary, but I'm so glad I did it"

The Profit Plan helped me price my products wisely. Know I understand what my loss leaders are, and what my most profitable products are. Still some way to go, but profit is already up.

Anna-Marie  //  Etsy & Amazon seller

Ready to Make Some Money? Get The Profit Plan Now.

The Profit Plan removes all the confusion and anxiety, and helps you discover a system you can use to profitably markup your inventory all year round. Go from Hobby to business.

The Product Markup System...

Every online store owners need to know

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Plus! Bonus List of Fashion Wholesale Vendors

Ready to flex your new buying and pricing skills but still finding it hard to find stylish modern wholesale vendor with low minimum order quantities.  

When you get The Profit Plan today you'll also get access to a cherry picked list of fashion wholesale vendors (including plus size!)included as a bonus


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't find this system and calculators helpful, let us know within 72hrs of purchase for a full no-drama refund. After that time all sales are final 

Stacey Brazen

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