Watch Now: How to Sell With Soul (even during a pandemic!)


​​​​(for the better!)

THIS IS YOU:  Focused and confident as you take the steps to brand, build and launch your online boutique (even though you only have 92 free minutes each day... if you're lucky)

THIS IS YOU: Relieved and with waaaayyyy more coins left in your pocket 'cos you didn’t choose a niche as vague as ‘women's fashion'. You knew better (so.... you found your own lane)


THIS IS YOU:  Building your website – the right way, the first time – because you understand SEO basics and how to use this to your advantage


THIS IS YOU:  Snatching back time with your kids, friends, the human that you co-habit with––because you're no longer trawling Facebook groups in the dead of night desperate for some legit info (you already have an ACTION PLAN)

THIS IS YOU: Up and open for business in just 8-weeks instead of 18 months. Because, really? 18. WHOLE. MONTHS! 

​​​​But...That All Depends On What You Do Next

The launch code DIY planner


"The SEO strategies where really insightful, and everything else helped me feel really organized and prepared to launch professionally without taking any shortcuts. I feel ready to go!"

Marquita Ferguson Student & mother

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See, if you're watching this you currently possess one of the most important elements of every successful business ever built. Momentum. 

In fact, in his excellent book, The Compound Effect, legendary business thinker Darren Hardy likens the process of building momentum to that of picking up speed on a merry-go-round when we were children.

And after seven years of being my own boss and launching several business – I’ve discovered this to be 100% true. The exciting thing is, right now, today. Well... you have it. Which is why what you do next is critically important.

Especially if you want to capitalise on it...

That's why I'm writing to you, as I know you’ve just completed the an essential ecommerce business training , so you've discovered:

  • How to clarify your message - so your value is crystal clear
  • How to show up - without being intrusive and insensitive
  • How to cater to your existing customers - so they buy from you again

And the reason I spent so much time, energy, and resources creating this free content is because: it's important to me to know that (no matter what you decide to do next) at the very least, you have a rock solid foundation on which to build a credible brand.


...Why so Many ecom 'experts' skip the essentials is beyond me?!?


"loved the ideas for building buzz - most were new to me. Customer care checklist was VERY useful.  Like the User Experience checklist - amazing. Checklists are totally the best part of the whole thing, totally love them."

Dennis Chernenko Vedic astrologer and habit coach


With that in mind, this seems like the perfect time to let you know it's possible to keep that momentum going, if you haven't already launched your online boutique

In fact, the exact steps you need to follow are laid out within The Launch Code Playbook. And if you'll give me just a few more moments of your time  (I know how valuable and scarce that is), I want to tell you: 

  • What the Playbook is.
  • How and why it works.
  • Who’s already getting killer results from...errmm...working it.
  • And, most importantly, how it can work for you.

INTRODUCING: The Launch Code Playbook 1:0

The Launch Code Playbook is an action-orientated, step-by-step, online boutique launch plan designed to get you up and open for business in just 8-weeks or less.


Covering: Business & Branding | Web Development & Search Engine Optimisation| Social Media Marketing & Insider Ecommerce Launch Strategies

This 3-phase roadmap cuts a clear path through the noise and confusion, so you can execute the tasks that matter, launch your store, and leverage the ecommerce marketing strategies that are working right now.

no fluff. no filler. no confusion.

​​​​​​One-Time Special 50% off Launch Price available Today

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If you're tired of feeling stuck and like you're being left behind (which you totally are).

And you believe your journey as a new entrepreneur would be much easier and probably a lot more successful if you had access to a proven launch system, then not only would you be 100% right, but you'd also be in luck.

It took me years to learn this proven launch system.

But what might interest you is that, it’s never been available to anyone other than my 1-2-1 clients - that is until now.


Now don't get me wrong, I would be inauthentic to suggest the Playbook is foolproof. It's not.

But once you know what it includes I think you’ll see how, in the right hands, it’s more than enough information to make you a competitive threat.


Phase #1 BRAND IT - is focused on research and brand development 

Specifically you'll learn:

  • How to choose the perfect niche, find your lane, and get clear about what makes your brand utterly irresistible

  • Essential things to look for when choosing an ecommerce platform and website theme - especially if you plan to go premium

  • Who your ideal customer is? What she wants to buy? And what you need to say and do to get her to buy that from you. Simples. Kinda...

  • How to make your website look like you hired a baller designer (when haven't even gone pro on Canva, tut-tut)


Phase #2  BUILD IT - is focused on developing your website the right way

Specifically you'll learn:

  • How to join Shopify & make progress - even BEFORE the slightly measly 2-week FREE trial is up
  • Why & where to focus your SEO efforts before you launch (even if you never do SEO ever again)
  • How to craft product descriptions your customers (and search engines) love
  • How to save $175 by not hiring me to audit your store before you launch - and doing it yo'self!


Phase #3 LAUNCH IT - is focused on launching your store and establishing your presence

Specifically you'll learn:

  • Buzz building tactics that work, pre, during and post launch (many that cost less than a failed ad campaign)
  • How to create a Facebook & Instagram marketing strategy (that generates results - even without paid ads)
  • Email list building basics (which are actually quite advanced)
  • Email marketing strategies that help you convert (subscribers into cash spending customers)


Then the good news is, you can access The Launch Code Playbook right now. 

And if you take action and refuse to procrastinate, you can get it for the best price it will ever be presented to you again.

Save 50% off today - Special Launch Price

Stress free (no harm no foul) refund 

The refund rate on the Playbook is incredibly low. However, your satisfaction is my #1 priority. So if you're not happy reach out within 48hrs of your purchase for a full quibble-free refund. After this time all sales are final. Still got questions? Email: stacey (@)

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"Wow - looking good and I am a systematic person, so this is right up my alley!  

This is great information!!!  I am planning to launch just on FB for now, but see how valuable this can be down the road"

Caprice Cline Stay at home mom & artist


Part planner, part checklist, part open-kimono expert insights - The Launch Code Playbook meets you where you are, so you can plan your launch, your way.

It takes your entrepreneurial spirit, then helps you channel that drive and ambition towards the right tasks in the right order, so you can achieve your goal.

It’s a bit like having a coach - just without the 4-figure invoice.

No doubt the expert tips scattered throughout 10x the value of the Playbook and make it a no-brainer. 

But even still, when you consider everything that's included, even you'll be surprised at just how affordable it is. Because, 0.61c a day for instant access to an action plan that will have you...


Yeah, seems crazy even to me.

Especially when you tot-up what it could end up costing you to learn this information the hard way.

But when you do the maths - at least on this low, introductory one-time payment offer - that’s what it works out as.

Cool, right?


"I loved how easy it was to read, it flowed so well and was very insightful. The parts I really found helpful where the website theme selection, brand voice and user experience questionnaire

Pathkrithi Joy Motorbike enthusiast and fashion designer

Special Launch Price 50% off. Get instant Access.

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The Launch Code Playbook kicks ass, but only if you do!  #truefacts

I’m excited to share some of those success stories, but before I do I think it's really important to clarify that just like Richard said "The Playbook is a brilliant tool".

However, it is just that, a tool.  It's not a miracle, turn-key solution.  And it's important you realise downloading the files is where the work begins, and not where it ends.

how to launch online store


Brilliant tool you've created, Stacey! I totally loved it. Have a lot of friends looking for startup advice I'd  recommend this to. I Would like to know more about how to accept online payment and the best metods to use and recommended companies as well as their charges.

Richard McCartney Designer and accountant


"So I am reading this case study about me and like seriously I'm in tears. When you are going through everything you don't notice time or space you just get shit done. It's hard and it's still hard but seriously without you I wouldn't have started at all. I took a serious fucking risk. And I know I'm not in Neiman Marcus or Harrods yet but I made it happen. 

Like seriously I created something out of nothing. And with little money. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ." (update as of late 2017, she's stocked in West Elm)"

Aycee Brown -Sleep expert, Entrepreneur and medium

So now you’ve seen what The Launch Code Playbook is. Why it works, how it work, and who it works for.

It's time to make a decision about whether you think it could work for you?

Actually, one sec.... hold on... I don't think I've even told you about the bonuses (though I prefer to call them knowledge boosters) yet, have I?

My bad... check these out.

PLUS! Get these 5 action-taker 'knowledge boosters'

Each of these boosters where carefully created to give you a deeper knowledge and increase your skill in one of the core areas it's important to master as ecommerce entrepreneur.

​​​​Knowledge Booster #1

This is where you get access to my leverage your launch idea generator  - hand to hand combat marketing strategies that still work + supporting 30-minute audio masterclass (this worksheet & audio alone is worth the full price of this Playbook)

Knowledge Booster #2

This is where you get access to my Mindset & Money 101 - how to manage your mindset and take care of the dollars & cents.  And launching IRL (in real life) - how to launch your store, without losing your job or significant other (worksheet)

The Launch Code Playbook Bonuses

Knowledge Booster #3

This is where you get access to my Facebook Targeting Cheatsheet - this small but mighty document is pretty powerful and will save you a whole bunch of money (you can thank me later)

Knowledge Booster #4

This is where you get access to my Brazen Business Plan. Nope! It's not bank manager approved, but it gets the job done (and that's all that matters)

Knowledge Booster #5

This is where you get access to my Brazen Niche Finder - use this document to help you dial in on your product, brand, and ideal customer (get this wrong, and it's back to square one)

Get Started Today And Start Making Progress Tomorrow!

And I can hands on heart say (if acted on) the information in the Leverage Your Launch guide ALONE is worth the price of the complete package. 

And frankly it's a steal.

Especially when you take a moment to tally up the 'real' cost of doing nothing. Trying to lone-ranger it through. Continuing down an endless road with no reward in site. And refusing to accept sincere advice, based on experience.

But then again, it's impossible to really put a price on all of that?

Special Launch Price Today save 50% off 

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Even so, I don't expect everyone who should take me up on this offer, will do. As I said, you can't win 'em all, and that's okay. 

But for some, the reason they do nothing will be the 'too good to be true' price makes them suspect.

And I can totally vibe with that. I’m exactly the same. I know nothing worth having comes for free - so when something seems too 'cheap', I question the value of it. 

Which is why need to tell you the reason I created the Playbook. And why ...

 ...I DON'T CHARGE AN ARM & A KIDNEY FOR IT (even though I could!)

But before I bore you with my whole life story, I should probably introduce myself. 

Hi, I'm Stacey Brazen!

Location independent, Ecommerce business owner and business consultant (who's still a London bird at heart)

And this is a very brief overview of how I ended up here, pretty much giving the farm away.


See, only a few short years ago I was exactly where you are.


Full of enthusiasm and big ideas about my online store, what I was sorely lacking in was structure, vital skills, or any kind of strategy.


This meant the learning curve for me was slow, long, and at times VERY damn expensive.


Working so hard and failing so miserably also had a knock-on effect on my confidence and self-esteem.

In all honesty, when you get into the check and balances... my investment came out at an awful lot more than it would have cost me to get expert help a lot sooner.

The thing was, at that time I didn't have the cash to hire a coach.


And even if I had, most of ecommerce guru types I came across, at some point––sooner rather than later. Started to do weird, spammy, unethical sh*t that made it a complete hard NO I would ever hire them to help me get ahead.

i enrolled in the 'school of hard knocks', but you don't have to!

So for me, it was a baptism of fire, and at times, the going was tough.


But experience is a great teacher, and luckily I’m the most stubborn entrepreneur I know, as I just point. Blank. Period. Refused to give up.


This means today, while I might not be able to work with you 1:2:1 for 0.61c a day (I'm also building an empire) I can give you access to information which, when used correctly, can help you build your empire too. And, I don’t need to see you go ½ broke to do that.

download the playbook & get instant access (even at

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Real talk! If I priced The Launch Code Playbook to reflect it's true value, it would still be out of the easy reach of those who need it the most.

But at this price? Pffff... at THIS price we level the playing field. The right information is available and affordable to EVERYONE who needs it, no excuses. So the only question is left is: how badly do you really want it?

What if I'm already launched & other FAQ?

I’m already launched - will the playbook still help me?

​How long will the price stay this same?

How long does the Playbook take - can I do it faster/slower?

What if I need additional support?

I could learn how to do this on my own?

Why should I buy from you instead of the other Shopify guru dude?

What if I buy the Launch Code Playbook and think it sucks?

Stress free (no harm no foul) refund 

The refund rate on the Playbook is incredibly low. However, if you're truly unhappy with what you receive, reach out within 48hrs of your purchase for a full quibble free refund. After this time all sales are final. Still got questions? Email: stacey (@)