Request Received: The Information You Just Requested Will Arrive In Your Email Inbox Shortly... Right Now Discover How You Can Quickly Benefit From Access To 68+ Vetted Quality Fashion Wholesalers & Dropshippers

is the long, slow, search for wholesale suppliers holding you back?


++ Quickly identify reputable, quality wholesale vendors (who are willing to take small orders)

++ Choose from a mix of wholesale and dropship suppliers  (so you can manage cashflow and risk)

++ Take your pick of high end, high street, and low cost styles–alongside jewellery and accessories

++ Access the website, email, and were possible, name of the contact you need to discuss your inventory needs

++ Skip the out of state trade-shows, and find best suppliers (globally)


And, better yet,  what about if this could all be accessed within seconds. From the comfort of your own home. And all for significantly less than the weekly cost of your coffee habit... would that interest you?

If you answered YES, then for the next 20 mins you can take advantage of this one time offer and access my listing of 68+ vetted wholesale suppliers + 3 high value bonuses and save 38%.

Special Offer: Normal Price $97-Today Just $47

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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(for the better when you get the wholesale listing)

THIS IS YOU:  Relieved to have your hands on a list of 68+ vetted fashion & accessory wholesale suppliers ('cos trying to find them on your own is like searching for a needle down the back of the sofa)

THIS IS YOU: Discovering wholesalers you never would have found before, because they're usually only featured on MASSIVE wholesale directories (with equally large sign-up fees!)


THIS IS YOU:  Nailing your supply chain and inventory logistics in two weeks (instead of four months and 27 days)


THIS IS YOU: Re-focused on the part of your business that matters most  (building a rabid audience of people excited to buy all this inventory)

THIS IS YOU: Writing me a lovely thank you note with a sizeable cheque as a small gratitude for all the late nights and groggy eyed mornings I just saved you ( well that one's totally optional)

But...That All Depends On What You Do Next...


The format and layout could be 'prettied' up a bit (I'm a graphic designer, I like pretty), but once I got past that and just got stuck into the information, it didn't take me long to find a few companies to reach out to.

N. ClairborneP/t Office manager + graphic designer


You've become my go-to person for all things Shopify and ecommerce. I followed your free article on how to find wholesalers myself (thanks for that it was really useful), but with a F/T job, kids, family, it took too long. The listing just made it easy.

PK Joy - Mom, designer, Motorbike Enthusiast

Special Offer: Normal Price $9-Today Just $47

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

many wholesalers reach out. few make the cut.

Many wholesalers reach out to be included within this listing, but the only vendors we choose to include are those who I, my clients, or community have either used or communicated with first. This is how we keep the integrity of the list.

Here's how the listing is shaping up for 2018:

  • 28 women's fashion wholesalers & dropshippers including plus size & activewear
  • 19 accessory and lifestyle wholesalers & dropshippers (various styles)
  • 18 kids and infant wholesalers & dropshippers ( clothing & lifestyle products)

We also work hard to keep the listing recent by checking that website links still work, and add new quality suppliers as we find them, usually once per quarter.


fashion wholesale supplier listing

If you answered YES! To any of those questions, then I know exactly where you are right now.

It looks a bit like this, right?

  1. Up late at night desperately searching for quality and reputable suppliers who are willing to work with the small, scrappy entrepreneur
  2. Sending out tons of emails - 90% of which never even get a reply!
  3. Feeling deflated and rejected so you decide you'll take a break and get back to it (just so happens to be three weeks later)

But the good news is, you can put a stop to all that right now literally at the click of a button.

See, once I was finally able to find great wholesalers to work with, I  put them all together into a spreadsheet as I knew I wasn't the only one who needed this information.


Because as I soon realised (and you probably have too), that it didn't matter how many wholesaler contacts I had If I couldn't can't get them to even respond to my email.

So, once I worked out what I needed to say to get suppliers to respond, I decided to share my an email outreach template that you can edit (and use yourself) and include those with the listing too!

saying that, if you prefer your learning 'hard won', then...

By all means continue scouring the internet searching for hours on end and coming away empty handed.

I mean, that's how I did it and it didn't do me any harm. If you consider months and months of wasted time harmless?

The truth is, you only need a handful of great suppliers to get your business open and profitable.

So the quicker you can find them (at least your first 2-3) then the faster you can move on the next exciting stage of your ecommerce journey. Launching!

Special Offer: Normal Price $97-Today Just $47

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

Listen as you've probably guessed by now, I'm a little biased about this listing. It took me far too long of hitting dead ends to come up with it–not to be.

And the fact that less than 6 people have asked for a refund in over 12 months, tells me that there are lots and LOTS of people who are getting tons of value from the listing too! But don't just take my word for it.



Honestly I was a bit disappointed when I first got it. I didn't see suppliers I liked in the first few listed. But, I actually went through pretty much all of them... and guess what, I found a supplier that COMPLETELY changed my direction. 

Nikki Gloverblogger and WFH mom


I was starting to lose sleep over finding suppliers to work with. I've now reached out to the 3 I found that I liked. And 2 have already got back to me. Haven't order yet, but it's looking good.

Alison Albright  - Dental nurse


“Thanks Stacey! I finally found vendors happy to take my small order. Took a bit longer than I'd hoped (mainly my fault) but I got there in the end.

Rachel Mannish special needs support staff


... then, It's totally understandable why you wouldn't see the urgency in getting hold of your copy in the next few moments.

But heads up... although the listing isn't going anywhere. The price will be going up at the same time as the next update. And that could be as early as tomorrow.

This one-time offer will let you get your hands on the wholesale listing for just $17. Normally it's $27 - so that's a nice saving of 38%.  

Special Offer: Normal Price $97-Today Just $47

Stress free (no harm no foul) refund 

Unhappy with the listing? Submit a refund request within 48hrs of your purchase. We'll send you a short feedback before issuing a full refund. After this time all sales are final. We've only processed 5 refunds in 12 months.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

PLUS! Get these 3 action-taker 'results boosters'

Bonus #1 This is where you get access to an email outreach template for wholesalers -You can edit this and use for outreach with potential suppliers both domestically and abroad.

Bonus #2 This is where you get access to an email outreach template for dropshippers - You can edit this and use it for outreach with potential suppliers both domestically and abroad.

Bonus #3 This is where you get access to my 9-step process for smoking out quality wholesalers (even from your competition) & my inventory buying video guide

wholesale listing bonuses

Each of these Brazen results boosters have been carefully created and selected to help you created to help you work smarter not harder. But less me guess?


I bet right about now, you're wondering why should you spend money on a wholesaler list when this information is available for free. And you'd be right!

These companies are there to be found on the web, but the process of finding them. Then, searching for reviews and reaching out to try and find out if they're willing to work with the little guy... can take weeks. But let's be honest, it usually takes months.

the wholesale list works hard... but only when you do!

The reason for spending a few dollars on a wholesale list is simple - time is money. And if you value your time, why would you waste so much of it when you really don't have to?

And it's important you realise downloading the files is where the work begins, and not where it ends.

Special Offer: Normal Price $97-Today Just $47

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment


Unhappy with the listing? Submit a refund request within 48hrs of your purchase. We'll send you a short feedback before issuing a full refund. After this time all sales are final. We've only processed 5 refunds in 12 months.


"So I am reading this case study about me and like seriously I'm in tears. When you are going through everything you don't notice time or space you just get shit done. It's hard and it's still hard but seriously without you I wouldn't have started at all. I took a serious fucking risk. And I know I'm not in Neiman Marcus or Harrods yet but I made it happen. 

Like seriously I created something out of nothing. And with little money. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ." (update as of late 2017, she's stocked in West Elm)"

Aycee Brown -Sleep expert, Entrepreneur and medium

So now you’ve seen how the listing can help you tick 'FIND WHOLESALE SUPPLIERS' off your to-do list, so you can get back on with life and other business activities.

You've seen others out here raving unto the joy fantastic (Prince reference.. oh... Just me!)

And, you've been given fair warning that if you want this, unless you'd prefer to pay full price - the time is running out to save 38% (FYI, you should take those saved coin and plough them RIGHT back into your business).

So you and I both know, it's time to get off the fence and make a decision about whether you think it's a good investment for you?  

Today The Wholesale Listing Is The Lowest Price It'll Ever Be

And frankly it's a steal.

Especially when you take a moment to tally up the 'real' cost of doing nothing.

Trying to lone-ranger it through.

Continuing down an endless road with no reward in site. And refusing to accept help-even when it lands in your lap.

But then again, it's impossible to really put a price on all of that.

 IF case you're wondering why you should trust some stranger?

Then now's the time to formally introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Stacey Brazen!

Location independent, Ecommerce business owner and business consultant (who's still a London bird at heart)

I help new and aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs:

  • Launch small brands with massive potential
  • Master modern marketing techniques and hyper effective business systems 
  • Create more impact, influence, and income in their online business

I'm not the biggest of big deals. But hey! I'm experienced enough to be considered armed and dangerous.

When I'm not consulting, coaching or creating content, or curled up with a book somewhere. I love to partner with leading ecommerce companies, a few of which I've listed below.

And the next thing I'm going to say is, DON'T TRUST ME.

Trust your sense of discernment. And failing that, trust in your right to a refund if applied for within the time stipulated.

When you think about it, these both have far better odds of a positive outcome than doing nothing because you were scared or suspicious. But to give you a brief overview of who you're exchanging money for value with, you should know that.

how to start an online boutique

I remember how frustrating and confusing it was. 

Thinking, 'If I can't even work out how to buy inventory, I don't stand a chance of running a successful business?'  And I was right.

But because I was low on funds, determined to work things out for myself, and also a little stubborn...

i enrolled in the 'school of hard knocks'. but you don't have to!

Sure I got there in the end. Things just took a lot longer (think years, not months) than they needed to.

The bottom line is, I’m not some millionaire who has hacked the Facebook ad code and long since forgotten what it’s like just starting out with a few dollars and a prayer.

I’m simply someone who has figured out what works and want to share the information that has helped me. 

So, fellow entrepreneur, if you're reading this I think it's fair to say you know everything you need to know about making a $17 purchase, and it's time to make a decision.

Wholesale listing... you in or you out?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

What if this listing stinks & other FAQ?

I’m already launched - will the listing help me?

How long after I purchase do I get access to my stuff?

Why is your listing so cheap compared to other peoples?

What else is included - what makes this exceptional value for money?

I could find all these vendors on my own?

Why should I buy from you instead of the Shopify dude with the hipster beard? 

What if I buy the listing and think it stinks?

Still got questions, don't hestitate to reach out

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