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Is The Long, Slow, Search For Wholesale Suppliers Holding You back?


I'm wondering... if it was possible to... 

  • Quickly identify reputable, quality wholesale vendors (who are willing to take small orders)
  • Choose from a mix of wholesale and dropship suppliers  (so you can manage cashflow and risk)
  • Take your pick of high end, high street, and low cost styles, alongside jewellery and accessories
  • Access the website, email & were possible, name of the contact you need to discuss your inventory needs

Would that help you get out of the rut you're stuck in with your online store?

... And, what about if this could all be accessed within seconds. From the comfort of your own home. And all for significantly less than the weekly cost of your coffee habit... would that interest you?

If you answered YES, for the next 20 mins you can take advantage of this one time offer & access my listing of 68+ vetted wholesale suppliers + 3 high value bonuses and save 40% 


Many wholesalers reach out to be included within this listing, but the only vendors we choose to include are those who I or my clients or community have communicated with first. This is how we keep the integrity of the list.

We also work hard to keep the listing recent, by checking that website links still work and adding new quality suppliers as we find them. Updated in January 2018, currently the listing includes:

  • 19  Women’s fashion including plus size wholesalers and dropshippers
  • 15  accessories & jewellery wholesalers and dropshippers
  • 18  kids and infants wholesalers and dropshippers

Wholesale Listing Updated in Jan 2018

If you carefully go through the wholesale vendors in this listing, we're confident you'll find some great suppliers to work with, which is why this is a non-refundable digital product.

The truth is, you only need 2-4 great wholesalers who help you find enough inventory to stock out your new online boutique.

And using more than one supplier is always a good idea because it means you have a more well rounded collection, and also keep flexibility and diversity within your supply chain.


“I was on the hunt for new suppliers after a few bad experiences with a few whom I won't mention. I was looking for well made, stylish women's wear, but it was really important that I could make small orders to start.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

The Wholesale Listing is for you if you're ready to...

Quickly and easily find wholesalers selling modern, stylish products at great prices

Connect with vendors and start building a business relationship

Quit wasting time, get your hands on the inventory you want, and get launched.


Click the orange button below to get access to the wholesaler directory + 3 valuable bonuses and save 40% off the normal price. But to get the discount you need to act fast.

I understand exactly where you are

I've been exactly where you are.  

Up late at night desperately searching for quality and reputable suppliers who are willing to work with small, scrappy entrepreneurs, and sending out tons of emails - 90% of which never even got a reply!

But the good news is that doesn't have to be the case for you!

See, once I was finally able to find great wholesalers to work with, I decided to put them all together into a spreadsheet - as I knew I wasn't the only one who needed this information.

But I didn't stop there...

Once I worked out what I needed to say to get these suppliers to respond, I decided to create email outreach templates and include those with the listing too. Why?

Well it doesn't matter how many wholesaler contacts you have if you can't get them even respond to your email, does it.

Get An Up-to-date Listing  of 68 VETTED Suppliers at Your Finger Tips?

Listen, this wholesaler list is not for everyone. If you enjoy scouring the internet searching for hours on end and coming away empty handed -  as you see it as part of the 'brand building' process then you'll hate this.

The wholesaler listing contains 60+ credible suppliers, and is updated at least 3 times per year. You only need a handful of great suppliers to get your business open and profitable, and at BPL we find the best and make them available to you in seconds for next to nothing.

What store owners are saying 

John Doe UI/UX Designer
"I always thought that finding vendors for my store would be simple and easy, but actually it was a total pain in the butt. I made at least two orders with suppliers and got products I wasn't even able to use. I found a few good suppliers to work with on the listing, and that was all I needed."
John Doe UI/UX Designer
“I found vendors happy to take my small order” . K.Escaforte.

Action Takers Deserve To Be Rewarded 

Check out all the extra bonuses you'll receive when you take action and order today. 

  • Profit and loss calculator
  • Free competitive analysis spreadsheet - Value $9
  • Focus digital day planner $27

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This is one time offer will let you get your hands on the wholesale listing for just $17. Normally it's $27, and honestly, the price is going up soon. So if this listing would help you now's the perfect time to invest in your business.

Stacey Brazen

About Stacey & Brazen Profit Lab

​I help new and aspiring online boutique owners create credible, visible brands that make bank.

With a focus on content marketing, organic traffic, email marketing and community building -  business owners choose to work with Stacey when they decide it's about time they created a business they love working in and a brand built to last.

You're skeptical, listen, I totally get it....

You're wondering why should you spend money on a wholesaler list when this information is available for free. And you'd be right!

These companies are there to be found on the web, but the process of finding them, then searching for reviews, then reaching out to try and  find out if they're willing to work with the little guy, can take weeks even months.

The reason for spending a few dollars on a wholesale list is simple - time is money!

And if you value your time, why would you waste so much of it when you really don't have to?

Wholesale listing: Pros List
  • Costs less than dinner and a movie for two
  • easy 2-page spreadsheet
  • Updated every quarter
  • Comes with customisable email outreach scripts

Wholesale listing:Cons List

  • You'll no longer have the excuse of ' I can't find suppliers'
  • You'll still need to contact those you like
  • Mainly women's fashion and accessories
  • Wholesale & dropship listed together

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S So it's time to make a decision. You ready to win back hours of time, make connections with the right vendors & find the inventory you need to create a truly interesting brand and business. Then grab your vendor list today, and if you do it fast you can even save 40%.

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