6 Critical Reasons Your Online Boutique Must Have a Blog in 2019

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Selling products online? Well you probably already know there's no shortage of ways to drive traffic to your online store.

But after 6 years in ecommerce, I've learned that there are some streams of traffic which are more profitable than others. This is especially true if you have a Shopify store, but you don't have a massive budget for paid advertising.

In this post we're not going to talk about Instagram marketing, Facebook ads, or Influencer marketing.

I know they're sexy subjects.

But the truth is, I haven't had nearly half as much success marketing products using these platforms. And while I definitely am working on getting better at social media marketing, having another source of reliable traffic has been a life saver.

So what we are going to look at is, the one marketing strategy that has been a game changer to my business: Blogging.

We'll also look at 6 reasons I believe you MUST add blogging into your marketing mix if you to want to take advantage of this free source of daily traffic and sales.

Let's get started.

6 Reasons You Need To Blog Your Brand

6. So Google can send floods of free traffic to your boutique every day

Search engines like Google are built on a very simple premise: People type a search or question.

Then, Google serves them the published web pages which their algorithms tell them would be the most useful to the searcher.

Written text and marked up (optimised) images is how Google knows what a web page is about. And, it's based on this information that they compile search results.

But one of the biggest issues with getting Google to send you free traffic as a Shopify owner, is that more online stores simply don't have that much written text on them for Google to know what the site's even about or who might be interested in it.

When you start your blog as a way to advertise your online store one of the biggest benefits is you now have another way to rapidly and naturally increase the amount of text on your website.

how to start an online boutique

This increase in keyword density makes it a lot easier for Google to know what you have to offer, and share your website with the people who will get the most value from it.

Adding a SEO optimised blog to your marketing mix is like giving Google a big introductory handshake.

Which brings me on to my next point:

5. So you can promote your products more often - without feeling sleazy or salesy

If you're anything like me you probably hate feeling like you're always pushing your product - even on your business social media profiles.

What I love about blogging is that it naturally creates another opportunity to engage my audience and direct traffic back to my online store. 

But the best part is, once you build up an arsenal of content (blog posts) for your online boutique. At any time of the night or day you can have 5, 10, 15, different pieces of content driving traffic to your shopify store - rather than the small trickle of traffic you got from your last Instagram story.

4. So you can create a sustainable and scalable stream of traffic to your online store

Think about it!

If you have a large amount of different pieces of content (assets) driving traffic to your online boutique from all corners of the globe, at all times of the night and day, then it only makes sense that you're going to be able to:

  1. Build brand awareness and trust faster
  2. Build your mailing list faster
  3. Build your retargeting lists faster
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And, if you're targeting the right people, in other words, your ideal customer, this trifecta is going to lead to one thing: more sales of your products.

Oh! and more commission from selling other peoples products (more on that later)!

Deciding to start an SEO blog, then consistently creating and promoting content is one of the most sustainable, scalable, and safe forms of marketing, that works even when you're sleeping. 

Here's an example:

You have ten pieces of long-form content on your blog. 3 posts get over 300 hits per days. 

1 post gets 65 hits a day. And these two posts get those hits each and every day. That's over 965 hits per day to your blog!

The best part is, if you're creating content that has longevity you can enjoy that traffic for years to come.

3. So you can quickly develop the trust factor and demonstrate social proof

The biggest sort of proof or credibility in 2019, is hands down Instagram.

For a lot of the younger generation if you don't have a following on Instagram you don't exist

But before IG was the hottest social media tool, the internet shared information and ideas through blogging. 

Having a blog which has a lot of well written beautiful content gives off a subtle silent signal to potential customers that this brand is professional, well thought out and consistent.

Having a blog with lot of great content that also has a lot of comments and social shares, sends a subtle message that other people like this content, so it's safe and okay for me to like an support it too.

If you don't have a strong following on social media and don't feel compelled or like you have the skills to improve that, then you MUST focus on building up social proof on your other platforms.

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2. So you can create new revenue streams (without increasing your workload)

Depending on what you sell on your online boutique, you may find that you have swings and roundabouts, and times when sales slow down to nothing.

One of the best benefits of having a blog is that, when you create educational SEO optimised content (that looks beautiful and is easy to read) you can add links to other people's products within your content where it feels like a natural fit.

This business model is called affiliate marketing, and there's no reason that you too can't benefit from making a small commission when one of your blog readers make a purchase of a product or service you recommend.

My approach is to create content that is optimised and monetised for both your products, and brands I affiliate for.

Then, I can focus on driving traffic to my online boutique blog on a daily basis, because that is how to sales conversions are made.

By using affiliate marketing I've been able to establish an additional revenue stream which always comes in handy for times when my sales are slow.

I mean... would you say no to an extra few grand a month? No... thought not.

how to start an online boutique

1. So you can ramp up awareness, reach, & create opportunities for collaboration

I'm a big fan of the concept of collaboration over competition, and for me this is where having a popular blog really comes into play. 

It can be tough to get on the radar of brands you respect, especially on platforms as noisy and fast paced as Instagram. 

Another distinctive disadvantage, at least for me, is that most social media based content has such a short life span. This means it's relevance and value decreases over time, rather than increases.

That's one of the biggest advantages of content marketing.

Not only are you able to create content that increases in value over time, but you're also able to position your brand next to other complementary brands

In fact, this is one of my favourite ways of tapping into the other people audience.

One of my top strategies for generating more traffic with my, blog content is the long form list post.

The secret to the success of this type of post, is it allows you to list your brand and product within the mix, while highlighting brands or business owners you would like to connect with.

This is how you develop your online community, and it's through being part of a community the opportunities for collaboration or support arise.

List posts are also a great way to increase your brand awareness and followers, as there's a higher likelihood that the brands you mention favourably within content, will share it with their audience too.

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